About Registration Headquarters

Since it was formed, RHQ has recognized the need for full service event registration solutions for every planner’s needs. During the pre-event planning process we will consult with you in designing an event registration program that fits your specific requirements. RHQ has never believed in standard template formats; one size most certainly does not fit all.

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RHQ is an industry-leading supplier of Full Service Registration!

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rhq_blue_arrow Onsite Registration
rhq_blue_arrow Event Badging and Tickets
rhq_blue_arrow Reports and Fiscal Reconciliation
rhq_blue_arrow Post-Show
rhq_blue_arrow Event Management Consultation
rhq_blue_arrow Lead Retrieval & Session Tracking


iReg: You Solution for Small Meeting Registration!

Are you looking for a solution for event registration at meetings too small for custom registration programs? iReg is a fully functional do-it-yourself online registration system specifically designed for small meetings


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RHQ Housing: Room Block Management and Reservations

rhq_blue_arrow Get the lowest rates!
rhq_blue_arrow Negotiate favorable attrition clauses.
rhq_blue_arrow Create and manage sub-blocks
rhq_blue_arrow Find overlfow properties when needed
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