Let us help you make your event a success

pic04-300x193Is your event a small gathering that does not require a full registration vendor? Are you looking for a solution that goes far beyond what you can achieve with Access, Excel or other off-the-shelf tools? iReg is a fully functional do-it-yourself online registration system specifically designed for small meetings.

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iReg allows event planners to:

  • Customize registration web pages specifying what fields are required
  • rand your registration page with your logo and message
  • Collect demographic data
  • Offer optional sessions and tickets
  • Automatically send a confirmation email
  • Process credit card payments
  • Print badges
  • Have 24/7 access to data and reports

Your in-house registration scheme is probably labor intensive. Many planners use temps for data entry and credit card processing: do the math – iReg could actually save you money!

iReg is priced for single and multiple event use and has no seat limits. It comes at one price so you can budget accurately. There are no monthly fees, no penalties for more registrations than anticipated, no long term contracts. And, our customer care center is based in Las Vegas, not offshore!

We take pride in what iReg can offer meeting and event planners. We’ll also tell you up front what iReg isn’t. iReg is not part of an expensive SMMP suite of products. It will not be used as a hook to up sell you from an investment of a few hundred dollars to one that costs many thousands!